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Welcome to Blanco River Taxidermy, it is our goal to provide quality taxidermy work while making friends in the process. We feel it is our responsibility to give our customers the most realistic mount with the greatest amount of detail for your showroom, office or trophy room. It's always been our practice to treat people with the greatest respect and give them a great mount for a responsible price in a timely manner.

We treat every mount as if it was our own. We use only the highest quality material, including eyes, forms and tanning chemicals to insure the best results for your trophy.

We also provide customers with the most convenient way to have your trophy mounted. You can choose on dropping of your animal at our shop or we can meet you at a convenient location for both parties. Then when your mount is finished we will be glad to deliver your mount at the drop off location or you can pick-up at our shop.

We would like to THANK  YOU  for visiting our site and if there is anything we can help you with PLEASE let us know  




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